selagi cinta dan kasih nye kuat untuk ku... selagi tu cinta bertahan.. selagi cintanya seteguh untuk ku.. selagi itu teguh cinta ini ku pertahankan.... walaupun depan ku banyak ranjau dan duri.. demi cinta dan kasih nye.. cinta ku tetap kuat..

Everyone wants happiness .. not pain. but we cannot get a rainbow without a little rain. be strong laili..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i beg u dear

Oh dear my honey bunney…. my bucuk kantan.. I beg u dear.. I wanna my FB back after 6 Nov 2011 … uhuuuu I know its temporary handed back to me because of CA competition .. .. but I will missed my crochet friends.. I missed my crochet group.. I missed my new collection skill..  I missed talking with my Crochet Group.. I missed my Picture inside.. dinda tak nak susahkan u to upload all the MSC photo to update my page.. I will handle by my self.. plsssss….. hope if u read my blog… plsss I beg u.. muahh…

Anytime u can check my FB acc inside.. nothing hide anything from u .. u can access My Account  anytime dear as before.. plssss… 6 nov dah dekat nie… aduuhhhh..

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